009 Mysteries of the Burren – Tony Kirby

Welcome to Episode 009 of the Thin Places Travel Podcast.  Our guest today is Tony Kirby. He is a full-time tour operator offering walking tours through the Burren in West County Clare. He’s been offering these tours for 15 years through his company, Heart of Burren Walks

Tony Kirby offers Heart of Burren Walks

Tony Kirby – Heart of Burren Walks

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#009 Mysteries of the Burren with Tony Kirby
Host – Mindie Burgoyne
Guests – Tony Kirby –Heart of Burren Walks
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The Burren in County Clare

The Burren in west County Clare is our featured destination in this podcast. Entire books are written about this 200 acres of rocky limestone that borders the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a landscape of myths and legends and sacred ground with archaeological remnants that date back thousands of years. It’s also a landscape of contrasts – the gray rock against the blue sky, mountains and hills that rise out of a seemingly endless flat bedrock. The contrasts are particularly powerful in the spring when the flowers of the Burren come into bloom. Tiny little orchids pop up in between the slabs of limestone Continue reading “009 Mysteries of the Burren – Tony Kirby”