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Your Host – Mindie Burgoyne

Your host for the Thin Places podcast is Mindie Burgoyne, an author and tour operator who specializes in travel for women that enriches the mind, body and spirit.  Mindie has been traveling and leading groups through thin places in Western Europe and North America for over twenty years.

Mindie is particularly fascinated with the spiritual pull of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Brittany and the many sacred sites there.

Mindie is also an avid travel writer and travel blogger with published work in the Washington Post, National Geographic Television Network, Philadelphia Inquirer, Coastal Style Magazine, CBS News and other outlets. She is the author of six books published by the History Press, and is the owner of Heartwheel Media, Thin Places Tours and Chesapeake Ghost Tours.

She lives with her husband Dan on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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