EP 003 – Rathcroghan and the People of the Mounds

Rathcroghan - County Roscommon Ireland

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#003 Rathcroghan and the People of the Mounds
Host – Mindie Burgoyne
Guest – Mike Croghan
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Mindie on Rathcroghan

Rathcroghan is a complex of 240 archaeological sites that includes 60 national monuments that are spread out in a tract of land that is about 4 square miles. The sites range from Neolithic (5-7000 BC) to Medieval periods 5th 15th centuries).  On the site, there are burial mounds, ring forts, enclosures, linear earthworks (roads / trails) and very special cave.

Rathcroghan is located near the village of Tulsk in County Roscommon.  Its known to be a royal site the ancient capital of the province of Connaught.

We talked a little bit about royal sites in the last podcast. These would have been sites of ritual and gathering. sites of massive deposits of human emotion and energy. That human energy connected to the natural elemental energy of the land becomes something greater than the sum of its parts. Continue reading “EP 003 – Rathcroghan and the People of the Mounds”

EP 002 – Tuning In to Thin Places – Tullyhogue

Thin Places Podcast - Tuning in to Thin Places

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#003 Tuning in to Thin Places
Host – Mindie Burgoyne
Guest –  Annie Conboy
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Mindie Discusses the “pull” of Earth Energy

In this podcast, we’re going to talk about the energetic pull of the earth and how people have felt that pull over the ages. If there’s one phrase I hear repeatedly from people who read my posts or come on our tours it’s that they have “felt a pull or a draw” to a particular place. Ireland is frequently mentioned.

Joseph Dispenza in his wonderful little book, The Way of the Traveler states, « All travel is inner travel. »  He goes on to say in the introduction…that the « call to travel » is as much a part of the journey as the actual travel itself. Dreaming of the travel… imagining what we’ll see, how we’ll feel, what we may learn, who we may meet … it’s all a part of the entire travel experience and the change — the inner change that happens to people when they travel. Continue reading “EP 002 – Tuning In to Thin Places – Tullyhogue”